Strategies For Using Your Storage Unit

Utilizing the services of a self-storage facility is an option to consider when you’re moving and can’t put your belongings in your new home right away or if you simply don’t have space in your home for all of the belongings that you want to keep. When using this type of facility, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can maximize the services that are available. When you take items to the unit, try to have a plan in place beforehand so that the unit is organized, which can be beneficial when getting everything out or if you need to find something.

When you begin looking for what any  self storage facility mclean va has available, you need to consider the sizes of the units and how much space you need. Try to find a company that is reputable and that maintains clean units as you don’t want pests and insects to get inside the boxes and other items that you store. The company should take the proper measurements to keep your belongings secure, such as security cameras around the property and locks on the doors. You should also put your own lock on your unit for added protection.

Avoid trying to find a unit at the last minute as you might not be able to find what you need in time. Try to contact a few different facilities before you need the unit so that you can ensure plenty of time to get everything packed and sorted to take to the facility. Make a list of everything that’s in the unit, especially if there’s anything of value or any important documents that you plan to store. This will make it easier for when you need to get something from the unit before you remove everything. All you would have to do is look at your list to see which box it’s in and where it’s located so that you can go right to it in the unit.

When you begin preparing your belongings to take to your storage unit, label the boxes with some of the things that are inside. You can also use colored tape or markers with the colors matching the details on the list that you made. Labels will also aid in unpacking everything because you won’t have to guess as to where everything will go when you get into your new home. Try not to store valuable items because you never know what will happen at the unit. Even though most facilities take measures to prevent theft or damages, there are sometimes things that occur that you have no control over.

Position furniture and larger items along one wall and boxes against another wall. Try not to stack boxes too high with the heavier items at the bottom to act as a support for the other boxes that you put in the unit. Wrap your boxes and other belongings as much as possible to prevent damages. This can also keep pests from getting to them if there are any in the unit.