Scrap Metal’s Recycling Impact on the United States

Scrap metal recycling stops landfills from becoming a graveyard full of rusty metal contaminants, and it gives new life to old metal. There are a lot of positive impacts that recycled metal gives to the environment as well as benefits for the economy on a global level. According to the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries (ISRI), scrap metal recycling has a lot of benefits not only for local economies and states; furthermore, the impact in the United States alone is significant. This industry has impacted Americans in almost every sector across the board.

New Job Creation in the United States

When it comes to impacting America with new jobs, scrap metal recycling has created hundreds of thousands of viable sources of sustainable income for working-class Americans, especially in the growing city of scrap metal Cincinnati OH. As this industry keeps gaining momentum and continues to grow, more new jobs will be created in the foreseeable future. The average salary for Americans in 2017 in the scrap metal industry was $76,515, according to a report provided by ISRI.

The scrap metal industry employees over a half million individuals in the United States, and that number keeps growing on a yearly basis. This number includes the scrap metal recycling workers themselves who are the fundamental backbone to the industry as well as the hundreds of thousands of individuals per state who are associated with the brokerage and purchase of scrap metal for recycling.

The Economic Benefits for the United States

Scrap metal recycling produces over $91 billion in revenues throughout the United States on an annual basis. A lot of individual states are reaping the economic benefits of recycling scrap metal with annual revenues ranging from five to fifteen billion dollars. These economic benefits only emphasize the potential for future growth as well as the value of the industry. As scrap metal recycling continues to flourish, it will only continue to improve in efficiency and gain support with investors throughout the United States.

The Environmental Impact on the United States

The scrap metal recycling industry in the United States generates more than 120 million tons of scrap metal each year. The environmental impact on the United States is without question a major asset. What this means is that landfills are no longer required to store metal contaminants, and the tonnage of new raw metals isn’t needed for the manufacturing of new goods. The environmental impact of scrap metal recycling also extends to the mining industry as well as providing benefits for energy conversation, resource conservation, and pollution reduction.

Consumer Benefits in the United States

The United States of America is one of the largest manufacturers of recycled scrap metal consumer goods in the world. Consumers benefit with lower prices for new televisions, smartphones, automobiles, building materials, and a variety of other metal consumer goods. Without recycled scrap metal, the cost of an aluminum can of soda would cost more than a gallon of milk. Recycled scrap metal benefits the American consumers as well as being a vital part of its infrastructure.