New Phones Buy Employee Loyalty

Everyone in your office needs to have a phone to communicate about the needs of the company. People have their own personal issues that may prevent them from having a phone, so you don’t want to have a situation arise that prevents someone from fulfilling their obligations to their role within your company. The best salesperson in your company might have a financial burden that causes their phone bill to go unpaid. It’s not possible to know the financial limitations of your employees. While you can’t take stock in what your employees do with their own money, you are able to make a decision for your company to protect itself.

The obligation belongs to the employee. They require a phone to do their work, and it’s their responsibility to pay their own phone bill in order to keep making calls when they need to talk to their clients. However, you have a lot riding on this. By trusting your employees to make responsible decisions with their money, you are putting the company’s interests in jeopardy. The company needs the client to remain satisfied, and your company is able to make sure that your employees have the technological means to keep the client happy.

Do Salespeople Have Office Hours?

While most of the people on your sales team have specific hours that they must report to work, there are some circumstances where they need to work for the company after hours. It’s not unusual to have conference calls run late. An employee might be considered rude if they hang up their phone to end a conference call

early. When the shift is over, an employee that is considering their commission might want to put in the extra time to make extra money. Giving this dedicated individual a way to make sure that they are able to make calls after work is giving more resources to a loyal member of your company. Those technological resources will help your company make more profits by the end of the quarter.

If you are worried about your employees running home the moment that their shifts are over, take time to research a means of instilling a sense of pride in their jobs. It’s possible to convince your employees that their jobs are important by giving everyone a smartphone to help them communicate with each other. Contact any business sms service provider for details on plans designed to support companies like yours. People will feel like you are rewarding their behavior when they pick up their new company phone.

Having a company phone for every employee makes people feel like they are on call. When the phone gets a call or a message, each individual has the responsibility to respond in a timely manner. It’s not possible to get in contact with each person at odd hours of the night because people need time to be with their families. However, giving technology to employees makes them more focused on the company’s success during downtime.